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Botanica by Air Wick©

Crafted from responsibly sourced exotic ingredients from around the world, Botanica by Air Wick© fragrances are infused with essential oils that are 100% natural.

Fresh Pineapple & Tunisian Rosemary

Enjoy this refreshing scent of juicy pineapple blended with herbal notes of Tunisian rosemary. The rosemary in this fragrance is responsibly sourced from the sun-drenched fields of Tunisia, harvested at its aromatic best.

Vanilla & Himalaya Magnolia

Fill your home with the true-to-nature experience of Vanilla & Himalayan Magnolia. The magnolia essential oil is made from responsibly-harvested small batches from Yunan, a Chinese province adjacent to the eastern Himalayas. It is then delicately blended with creamy vanilla for a uniquely exotic fragrance experience.

Island Rose & African Geranium

Delight your senses with the fresh and exotic aroma of geranium and delicate rose. The geranium flowers are responsibly sourced to create the natural essential oil that infuses our fragrance.

Caribbean Sweetgrass & Sandalwood

Delight your senses with the authentic freshness of Caribbean Sweetgrass and warmth of Sandalwood. The sweetgrass essential oil in this fragrance is responsibly sourced from the island of Haiti, to help the farmers who harvest this precious ingredient build up their local communities.

French Lavender & Honey Blossom

Experience the Lavender fields of Provence mixed with the sweet nectar of Honey Blossoms. The lavender essential oil in this fragrance is responsibly sourced in Southern France, honoring the traditional craftsmanship of the local farmers, which helps to preserve it for future generations.